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Apps, social media, with two-step verification and how to activate it

The exponential increase in illegal access to internet accounts In addition to identity theft, drastic measures have been taken in recent years to protect your data. One of the most used methods today is the two-step verification. Would you like what it is and how it works?


Two-step verification prevents anyone who has your password or is able to guess it from being able to access your account without your permission. As you can imagine, this is particularly relevant today because there are very often data breaches large companies. If you are one of those people who uses the same password for all of your accounts, they are more than likely to be compromised.

In today’s article we will help you protect your accounts and your data explaining everything you need to know about two-step verification, which services allow you to activate this option and how to do it step by step. We hope this helps you.

What is two-step verification?

As we told you, two-step verification is a simple and efficient method capable of protect your account from any type of hacker attack. Its operation is really simple, once you enter the password to access your account, the two-step verification system will be activated and send a code normally to your mobile phone or to the email address used to open the account. . After that, you will have a few minutes to write the code and thus verify your identity.

Why is enabling two-step verification so important?

The Pirates

Although for years passwords have been an effective method of keeping your data from falling into the hands of others, today they have become hackers’ bread and butter. Think when big companies suffer attack by these pirates, your data, including your passwords, passes through their hands. After that, these malicious users they will test your password into internet services that they use to obtain benefits (your email, shopping pages such as Amazon, payment systems such as PayPal, social networks, internet banking, etc.) and then they will change the password so that you cannot access them. After that you can go and get ready because it is more than certain that your bank account is taking a heavy hit from these thieves.

How do I know if my password has been compromised?

Have I been pwned?

There are internet services like Have I been pwned? which will analyze your email address and show you all the security vulnerabilities suffered by accounts opened from the email. Each of the results will be detailed, explaining what this violation was and whether your password was shared on the Internet or is still secure. You can visit this web page by clicking on here.

If you don’t clarify or need help, we have an article where we take you step by step how to know if your password has been compromised. You will find it under these lines.

Does two-step verification slow down access to your accounts?

Two-step verification doesn’t significantly slow down access to any of your accounts. Keep in mind that in most cases, once you enter the verification code you will be able to mark your device as trusted or safe. This way, every time you access your account from that same device, you won’t need to enter a code.

Top services that have two-step verification

Now that you know the importance of enabling two-step verification, it’s time to get down to business and show yourself the main internet services with this option. Do not worry because in each of them we will teach you step by step how to activate it.

Your Google account (Gmail, Google Drive, Google Play, etc.)

Google two-step verification

One of the most important services that you need to enable two-step verification for is your google account. Keep in mind that this includes many services, from your email account to your electronic documents and even all data related to your mobile phone with the Android operating system.

Enabling two-step verification for your Google Account is very easy. Simply go to the service’s website by clicking here and clicking on the blue “Start” button (you will find it in the upper right corner of the screen. Then follow the steps that appear on the screen.

To activate Google’s two-step verification, you will need to provide a mobile phone number. Now every time someone tries to access your account, Google will send a temporary code on your phone to verify your identity.

In addition to the two-step verification via mobile, Google also offers the possibility of using a login with a security key (you must insert a USB key in your computer to verify your identity) or via the app. Google Authenticator. You can download it quickly and easily under these lines.

Microsoft account

Microsoft logo

Another account where it is really important to enable two-step verification is at Microsoft. Keep in mind that all of this company’s products such as your Outlook email or even your operating system (if you are a Windows user), are linked to this account.

To enable two-step verification in your Microsoft account, you must first sign in to your account (click Click on here for that). Then click on the option “Security” which you will find in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

In the new window click on the button “More security options” and select to enable two-step verification. Now all you need to do is offer an email address or cell phone number (or both) to receive the passcode once you want to log into your account.


Facebook on mobile

The amount of information we share Facebook it’s a truly succulent treasure for any identity thief. This is why it is so important to protect our account by enabling two-step verification.

To do this, go to the Facebook site (click on here for it). Once on the new screen, press the button “Account” which you will find in the upper right corner of the web. It looks like a small arrow looking down. After that, a drop-down menu will open in which you have to tap on the option “Settings and privacy” followed by “Setting”.

In the new window, select the option “Security and connection” in the right menu. Now look for the section “Two-step authentication” and activate the service. This way, each time there is a suspicious connection to your social network, you will be asked for a code sent to your mobile.


Twitter logo

Like any good social network, Twitter It also has a two-step verification system through which you can prevent any unscrupulous person from entering your account without your permission. Here’s how to activate it.

Once in your Twitter page, click on the option “More options” in the menu on the right side of the screen. Then click on the option “Settings and privacy”. Now just click on “Security and access to the account” followed by “Security”.

In the security options, activate the two-factor authentication. Twitter offers you the possibility to do this via an SMS on your mobile, via an authenticator application or with a physical security key (for example, a USB key). Choose the option that best suits your needs to protect your account.


Instagram stories

As part of the three most used social networks in the world, Instagram also has a two-step verification system with which you can keep your account and photos safe.

Activating this additional authentication system is really simple. Just open the Instagram app and then click the three vertical points that appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Then click on the option “Account” followed by “Two-step authentication”. Flip the switch and Instagram will send a code to your mobile phone number (make sure you’ve entered it in your profile). As easy as that!


Whatsapp logo

Social networks aren’t the only services that have the option of enabling two-step verification. As popular as possible messaging services WhatsApp they also facilitate that extra layer of security in your data. In this way, no one can install your WhatsApp on another phone without your consent.

To enable WhatsApp two-step verification, open the app and click the icon three vertical points in the upper right corner of the screen. Once the drop-down menu opens, select the option “Settings”.

Then click on the option “Account” and select the option “Two-step verification”. WhatsApp will then ask you to set a 6-digit PIN code which you will need to reinstall WhatsApp. You can also enter an e-mail address if you forgot your PIN code. Once this is done, every time you install WhatsApp on a new phone, you will need to enter this pin code.

Pay Pal

PayPal logo

Another particularly important service where you need to enable two-step verification is your Paypal account. This way, someone who knows your password will not be able to make payments or transfers without your consent.

To enable PayPal two-step verification, you must first go to the PayPal security page (click here for it). Once in this new screen, click on the option “Two-step verification”. You can then choose between receiving a text message to receive the verification code or using an authenticator app. After that, your PayPal payment account will be protected from misuse.

We hope our article has helped you activate the two-step verification in the main Internet services. Are you using any of them? Share it with us in the comments section!

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