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Ashampoo Office – Free Download

Ashampoo office brings a complete suite to your computer so you can complete your projects quickly and easily. This program is designed for both jobs staff as professionals, this package helps you streamline your presentations and offers you graphical support to complete the information in the text.

This program not only simplifies your work, but can also go with you wherever you want to go because it is portable: save it to any removable device and you will always be well equipped.

Specifically, the Ashampoo Office suite is composed of three applications:

  1. Ashampoo TextMaker: ideal for design with text and images: documents, posters, letters and their corresponding envelopes, etc.
  2. Ashampoo PlanMaker: worksheets for solving math problems (with over 330 formulas on different topics) and for creating colorful graphs of the results.
  3. Ashampoo Presentations– Perfect for making dynamic presentations with animations, transitions and other multimedia elements. It also includes templates.

Removing Ashampoo Office is compatible with documents that you can create in Microsoft Office.

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