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Basic Minecraft Dungeon Guide

Minecraft dungeons is Mojang’s fun bet to delve into the video game genre of role Yes action Devil style. Its gameplay, in fact, will at first glance seem very similar to the Blizzard classic. However, Minecraft Dungeons has a lot to offer after its always cute checkered appearance.

Minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons borrows ideas and mechanics from the genre of dungeon crawlers, but gives them a twist to make them fresh and stimulating. This way you can explore all kinds of labyrinthine dungeons, face the most formidable monsters and bosses, and get coins of incalculable value for your team.

With Minecraft Dungeons, you’ll put aside crafting and survival for create your hero and immerse yourself in a fantastic universe like you never imagined. Your only problem is … the game has no tutorial! This way it is very easy to feel lost during the first few minutes of the game or not knowing exactly how to move forward in the game.

To help you in this endeavor, in today’s article we are going to offer you a basic guide for beginners with which you can dominate Minecraft dungeons. Ready to embark on this adventure? Let’s go!

What is Minecraft Dungeons?

Minecraft dungeons image

As in any good dungeon crawler, the objective of Minecraft Dungeons is complete missions Yes fully explore all dungeons that the game offers us. These are big and populated with all kinds of classic monsters and enemies from the Minecraft universe.

By eliminating these threats, we can take it to the next level. But it doesn’t all end there! Minecraft Dungeons dungeons are hiding hundreds of treasures as loot for our hero. So that we can find new weapons Yes pieces of equipment with which to become the definitive character of this universe.

Mission selection in Minecraft dungeons

To start our adventure, we will simply have to select mission that we want in the main play camp. Keep in mind that each mission can be played alone or in multiplayer mode with a friend, so if you get the chance, encourage a partner to come with you. It’s so much more fun!

Repeat dungeons you’ve played before to make a better team

Minecraft Dungeon Map

One of the best tips we can give you to get the most out of Minecraft dungeons is that, once you complete a dungeon, you replay it with a different difficulty level. While it is true that no one likes grinding, it is a great method for get good equipment then help you move forward in the missions.

Minecraft Dungeons consists of 3 difficulty levels (Default, Adventure, and Apocalypse) and each of them has six different difficulty options. This makes a total of 18 difficulty levels for each dungeon. We recommend that when you start your adventure to opt for a somewhat higher level of difficulty Predetermined. This way you will get a top level team and good rewards for continuing your adventure.

The card is your friend, use it often

Minecraft Dungeon Level Map

To be victorious in Minecraft Dungeons missions, it is essential that you always have the playing card. And you can’t forget that we are playing dungeon crawling game, so you will have to go through authentic mazes to overcome each level.

Keep in mind that Minecraft Dungeons is about much more than freeing the dwellers or eliminating hordes of monsters. You will have to go through all the nooks and crannies of the dungeons if you want to find all the rewards Yes secrets of each level. And believe us when we tell you you’ll need it.

Don’t be afraid to waste your emeralds

Emeralds in Minecraft dungeons

Among the many rewards and treasures you’ll find to explore in Minecraft dungeons are the emeralds. These can be exchanged for the Blacksmith and Wandering Vendor that you will find in the game’s main camp.

If these characters haven’t appeared yet, don’t worry. the black-smith appears right after completing the level “The forest of climbing plants”. On the contrary, the wandering seller will arrive after completing the level Pumpkin pastures.

Note that unlike other games, you will not be able to choose the items to obtain by donating the emeralds. On top of that, they are absolutely useless for anything else in the game. That’s why it doesn’t make sense not to use them as early as possible.

Turn your unused gear into emeralds

Minecraft Dungeon Status Screen

As in any good Diablo type game, as you progress through your adventure you will find a large number of weapons and equipment for your character. However, it’s not worth attaching to any part of them, because when you find a higher level, it’s worth replacing.

We recommend that whenever a piece of equipment becomes “obsolete”, turn it into emeralds. In this way, you can get better equipment through the exchange of these gems.

Upgrade your weapons whenever you can with enchantment points

Level up in Minecraft dungeons

Minecraft dungeons does not follow the traditional level system of dungeon crawlers. In fact, say goodbye to skill points every time you level up. Instead, you will get the precious ones enchantment points.

Enchantment points from Minecraft dungeons are used for upgrade your weapons and equipment. Every time you enchant one you will get them new capabilities as it may increase the possibility of critical damage or make it easier for you to find emeralds.

If you want to get the most out of Minecraft dungeons, we recommend use these enchantment points to upgrade your weapons from a good start. Don’t be afraid to use them as soon as you get them, as this will help you a lot in progressing in the game.

Convert your enchanted gear into enchantment points

Minecraft Dungeon Enchantment Points

Similar to emeralds, you can collect your enchantment points of Minecraft Dungeons thanks to your team. To do this, simply choose a piece of equipment that you previously enchanted and turn it into enchantment points.

As we warned you in the previous tip, you don’t need to be wary of your enchantment points when exploring dungeons. You can use them freely so that you only get them when you upgrade. Think that later you can get them back through your computer and reuse them to enchant a much better weapon.

Use weapons that can attack from a distance for enemies that attack you from a distance

Arc of Power in Minecraft Dungeons

In Minecraft Dungeons you have to fight both with long and short range weapons. This way you should always be very aware of who your enemy is and know how to quickly switch from sword to bow with arrows in order to be victorious.

It is recommended that you be very clear about the type of enemy you are going to face and always keep all your arrows for enemies attacking you from a distance. Don’t waste ammo on the ones you can defeat with just a sword.

Do not strictly follow the marker that appears on the map

Treasure in Minecraft dungeons

Every time we accept a mission in Minecraft Dungeons, it will be marked on our map. While this helps a lot when it comes to finding our way through the dungeons and completing our adventure much faster, it also has some drawbacks.

It is recommended do not strictly follow the dashboard that appears on the screen. Think that each level is full of secrets Yes treasures find. Finding them is by no means obligatory, but they are a juicy reward for all the heroes who want to dive a little deeper into the adventure.

As far as possible, explore the entire dungeon map in order to find all the treasures and weapons hidden in the level. You will enjoy having them when the difficulty of the game increases.

Much to our regret, remove all the cattle you see

Sheep in Minecraft Dungeons

In most action role-playing games on the market, you will find ceramic pots, matching items or wooden boxes that you can destroy regain health. In Minecraft Dungeons it’s not like that, there is no object to destroy that gives you life points … but there is won.

Much to our regret, we must recommend that whenever you see a cow or a Sheep squared happily grazing in the fields of Minecraft, you kill him. Yes, you read that right, attack him as if he were an enemy. And it is that the cattle of the Minecraft dungeons are used precisely for recover life points When your hero is in trouble We are not very happy with this advice but what can we do …

When the going gets tough, run away

Fight in the dungeons of Minecraft

As a final tip from our guide, we want to recommend that when you see things getting ugly in a fight, run away. There is nothing to be ashamed of. And it’s more than usual that while you are exploring a dungeon they are attacking you hordes of 10 or more enemies simultaneously.

A useful way to end these difficult clashes is to run away, attack an enemy, run away again, attack again, etc. This way you will have the advantage of cknow the number of rivals waiting for you and sometimes you might even catch them off guard.

We hope that our Basic Minecraft Dungeon Guide Help you. Do you have any other tips you want to share with our readers? Share it in the comments section!

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