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CherryTree – Free Download

It is normal to perform a task on the computer and suddenly remember that we have to make a call in a certain time, that we have to buy something, or that we have to finish a job with specific data. Or, we just browse the Internet and find a link to a website that we want to visit later. A thousand different issues that are presented to us and that we will want to deal with at different times.

Cherry tree is an application which will be your best helper for that. A small program in which you can include any data, information, note … and, what is really interesting, in which you can organize it perfectly, in a structured and hierarchical way, in order to be able to consult it with a great agility.

The application has a very clean interface, in which you have the central area to write or write whatever you want and a menu on the left side. It is in this menu that you will place all your small note files, so that at a glance you can click, for example, on the title “buy” and you will open the various notes that you have. The hierarchical structure that allows us to create is really handy for locating any point.

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