Download KMS_VL_ALL 38f Windows and Office Activation

Download KMS_VL_ALL 38f Windows and Office Activation

script (s) to automate activation of compatible Windows and Office products using local KMS server emulator or external server.
– The script is designed not to cancel the permanent activation of products (Windows or Office), only the non-activated products will be activated by KMS (if supported).
– The script correctly handles the coexistence of multiple editions of Windows 10 (from version 1607) to avoid changing the current edition or canceling the retail activation.
– The last feature of this solution when installed, will provide 24/7 activation, whenever the system requests it (renewal, reactivation, hardware change, edition update, new office …), without the need for user interaction.
– Some security programs will report infected files due to KMS emulation, this is false positive as long as you download the file from this trustworthy home page.
Therefore, temporarily suspend real-time virus protection or exclude the downloaded file and extracted folder from scanning to avoid quarantine.

If you are installing the Automatic Renewal setting, you should also exclude this file:
C: \ Windows \ system32 \ SppExtComObjHook.dll

***Installation instructions in the download folder***

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