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Foxit Reader 10.1.0 [Abrir PDF]

Foxit portable

Convenient and agile reader and editor of documents in PDF format

Some time ago, PDF documents were only processed by a few. But now we are seeing that these types of files are more and more common for any kind of work that we do.

Their professional level and the versatility they offer make them perfect for any task. With this application that we detail here, we can add functionality to the PDF documents that we are dealing with. For example, this will allow us to add comments or suggestions to the document or highlight specific text in it to grab the reader’s attention.

The comments that we include can be added either on the same document or in a text invocation area.

Would you like to listen to PDF documents while on the go in the office? This is another of the features that this app gives you, as well as the one to check and correct spelling mistakes and mark them in the text.

If you want to impress with a complete document, you can also add audio or video files to any document in PDF format or insert images or even other files (of any type) into a document in this format.

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