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WhatsApp it quickly became our favorite way to communicate from a distance. We use it from the moment we get up until we fall asleep … and some nights we even dream of chatting about it! messaging app! And we’re not exaggerating when we say that if one app has changed our pace of life and that of everyone around us, it is undoubtedly WhatsApp. It’s not for nothing that we are talking about the app that has managed to leave calls and texts in the background!

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While it is true that we all use WhatsApp often, we often find ourselves in situations where we don’t know exactly how to behave. Am I writing too many messages to this person? How can I leave this group without anyone being offended? Does this or that think I’m boring? And is that although WhatsApp is a service used by over 2000 million people around the world, there is no guide as such that helps us know how to behave.

In today’s article we are going to write some basics and behavior advice so you know at all times how to behave and which postures to avoid WhatsApp. We hope this helps you!

How to behave in individual WhatsApp chats

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The most common chats on WhatsApp are undoubtedly the individual. We use them for everything from saying hello to our mom or sending our partner hello and good night messages to sending a quick visit to the vet. However, not all of us know how to behave properly in these types of conversations. How would you like to know what you should and shouldn’t do?

Use the right register according to your interlocutor

Keep in mind that talking to your childhood friend is not the same as sending a WhatsApp message to a business contact or to your washing machine’s technical service. In the same way that you don’t behave the same with a lifelong colleague as you do with your boss or with someone you don’t know, it is important that you know which registry to use in WhatsApp. Don’t get carried away by the deception that since this is a courier service, anything goes. Use the correct register and act the same way you would in a face-to-face conversation. Your contact will thank you.

Respect the rules of courtesy

Very related to the previous point, we find this second. Be courteous and polite in your conversations, especially if they’re with someone you barely know. No one likes to receive a rude or rude message just because it is a text conversation.

Introduce yourself if this is the first time you message a contact

There is nothing that worries (or scares) a WhatsApp user more than suddenly receiving a message from a stranger who, without showing up, starts asking us questions. If this is your first time sending a message to a contact, first make sure introduce yourself Yes tell him how you got his phone number. This way, it’s much more likely that your caller will respond in a friendly manner and not end up blocking you or reporting you to WhatsApp.

Control yourself when uploading memes, images or animated GIFs

We all like to receive a good meme every now and then to have a little laugh and brighten up our work day. However, there are contacts who are systematically dedicated to forward absolutely everything they receive to other contacts, creating a chain of constant messages that tend to be quite irritating. Control yourself when sharing content with your coworkers so as not to be tiring, with 2 or 3 memes you share per day is enough.

Respect the point of view of your contacts

While it’s easy to be respectful of views we don’t share in face-to-face conversations, it’s harder to do so through messages. Always remember that having different opinions can always lead to a rewarding dialogue where it is always necessary respect and listen to the opinions of others.

Do not send or forward chain messages

Few things are as irritating as classic chain messages where if you don’t copy and text 200 of your contacts, you will suffer the most horrible woes. Don’t get carried away by superstitions and if you do get one, be sure to break the chain. Sending this type of message is not only very heavy for the recipient, but it is also penalized by WhatsApp.

Don’t send messages to people you haven’t added to your contact list

It wasn’t that long ago that the challenge of texting your “number neighbor” and meeting new people became very fashionable. Sending messages to people you don’t have or don’t know in your contact list isn’t just a bad idea, but it’s also penalized by WhatsApp. If you do this too often, it is even likely that your account is temporarily blocked for violating the rules of service of the courier service.

Try not to overwhelm the other person if you know they are at work or have things to do

Not everyone has the same free time throughout the day and it is common that when one is bored without doing anything the other is in full working time. If you know that at certain times of the day your friends and contacts are working or doing important work, try not to send them a lot of messages. Bear in mind that even if they don’t tell you directly, you might annoy them by constantly ringing their cell phone.

Don’t be angry if your friend or partner doesn’t reply to a message

It is very common that after sending a message to a friend or partner, we eagerly await their response. If you see that he read the message but did not reply, try not to get angry. You have to understand that we do not all have the same free time and if the person did not respond instantly, it is because at that moment they cannot. Be patient and ignore it because getting angry is the biggest mistake you can make on WhatsApp.

Don’t feel guilty for not responding to a message

It has happened to all of us that at some point in the day we have to put the cell phone aside and relax. However, we all have the classic friend who doesn’t shut up even underwater constantly send WhatsApp messages. If you need to do something else, have a job, or just don’t feel like talking, don’t be forced to reply to their messages. We all need our privacy and our free time. There will always be time to post a reply and if you are a true friend you will understand.

How to behave in group chats on WhatsApp

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In addition to being able to make chats and conversations with a friend, WhatsApp offers the possibility of create groups in order to multiply the pleasure. This is especially useful for chatting with longtime friends from school, work, or your gang. These are the main rules of conduct to follow if you want to have fun with WhatsApp group chats and not die trying.

Learn how to reply to a specific message

We all know how to send replies via WhatsApp, but few of us know that the messaging app allows us to respond to a specific message. This is particularly interesting in group discussions, where in a few seconds 20 different questions and answers can accumulate. Only this way will you avoid confusion and meaningless discussions where no one knows exactly what you are talking about.

For mention a comment above and reply to it, just locate it in the chat and drag it to the right. You will then see that the message you are referring to will appear in your reply. This way everyone will know exactly what you are talking about.

Ask your friends if they want to be part of a group before adding them

One of the biggest issues with WhatsApp group chats is that any user can add another at once. In this way, it is usual that without eating or drinking it, we suddenly see ourselves squarely in a WhatsApp group that we did not want to be a member of. It is recommended that before adding someone to a group, you first ask them if they want to be part of it. This way you will avoid displeasing your friend and you will not look like a boredom.

Don’t feel guilty for leaving WhatsApp groups where you don’t want to be

Many of us don’t give up on WhatsApp groups we barely interact with for fear of what they’re going to say. And it is that the messaging app is not very discreet with this problem and makes the rest of the group aware of when a user leaves the chat. However, it is strongly recommended that if you are uncomfortable in a group, you leave it and stop receiving messages from it.

Limit your transfer of memes, stickers, GIFs, etc.

As in one-on-one conversations, someone who keeps sending memes within a group quickly goes from funny to heavy. No one likes their phone constantly ringing because someone is uploading a collection of memes, GIFs, or stickers. Less is more.

We hope that our behavior guide in WhatsApp conversations it helped you. What’s the funniest situation you’ve experienced in this messaging app? Share it with us in the comments section!

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