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Minecraft Earth Basic Guide

Minecraft Land is the first contact of the popular Mojang game in the world of Augmented reality. This one manages to transfer all the square fun of the original to the camera of our mobile phone. But in a way you would never imagine!

And is it different Pokemon goIn Minecraft Earth, we won’t have to capture the hundreds of Game Freaks animals and face them in battles. Here we can get materials and create our own buildings in the real worldl simply by pressing the screen of our mobile.

With Minecraft Earth you can experience new adventures, all kinds of missions and use your creativity either alone or with your friends. But … do you know how to get the most out of this entertaining game? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place.

In today’s article we will offer you a basic guide with the main tips so you can get the most out of it Minecraft Land. And it’s that a little help doesn’t hurt to become an expert in this exceptional game.

Before you start: make sure the app is updated

Minecraft Land

Before starting our guide, we recommend that you verify that the latest version of Minecraft Earth is installed on your mobile device. To do this, simply open the Play store wave App Store and check for available updates for the game.

If you prefer or if you haven’t installed the app, you can download the latest version of Minecraft Earth quickly and comfortably under these lines.

  • Minecraft Earth for Android

What do I need to play Minecraft Earth

To play Minecraft Earth, you just need a compatible mobile device with augmented reality and a Microsoft account or Xbox live. If you don’t have one, don’t worry, they’re completely free. You can get your Microsoft account by clicking here.

How to Play Minecraft Earth: The Basics

Minecraft Land

Playing Minecraft Earth is very easy, especially if you are used to other AR titles such as Pokemon go.

Once the game is opened for the first time, you can choose your character. It may take the basic appearance of Steve or from Alex, depending on whether you want to use a male or female character. Finally, a map in true Minecraft style the geographical location in which you are (do not forget to activate the geolocation of your mobile!)

As we move our character will move with us and we can collect resources that we find in our environment. Just wait until they are within range of your character and click on them on the screen. These resources will be added to our inventory to build our buildings later.

But you won’t just find resources as you walk. You can also find typical minecraft animals, like the duck or the pig and of course, all kinds of creatures (mobs).

What happens in the Minecraft Earth menu

Minecraft Earth Menu

Once Minecraft Earth is open, you will see a series of menus at the bottom of the screen. Do you know what each button is for? Don’t worry, we’ll show you in a snap!

Minecraft Earth Inventory

The first button in the left corner looks like a box. This is your Inventory and there you will find all the resources that you collected during the game. Remember that in order to get them you must click on them on the screen and they must be within your reach.

Building plates

The second button and with the appearance of a tower are the calls “Buildplates”. Click on it to choose one of the available bases or biomes. Once the build plate is established, you can modify and build it as you like, and if you want, you can also invite your friends to collaborate on the feat.

Arts and crafts

The third button is a Minecraft classic. This will open the “Do stuff”, from where you can create new items, weapons and items using the items you have in your inventory. You will see that in the “craft stuff” menu there are two large sub-sections called “crafting” (create by hand) and “melt” (melt / forge).


The fourth button has the appearance of a message and below you will find the main game configuration options. From there you will have access to the menu to add and join your friends to play the game, you will also be able to check the active challenges in the universe of Minecraft Earth as well as the settings of the game itself.


The last button in the Minecraft Earth menu is the shop. Here you can buy new building plates to build on. To buy them you will need Rubies which you will get by playing the game or buying them through microtransactions.

How Build Plates Work

Girl playing Minecraft Earth

As we have already mentioned, the building plates are bases that thanks to AR you can place in the real world and build on them. These are very diverse and generally represent various biomes in the Minecraft universe.

If this is the first time you have started playing, you will find that the number of available building plates is very limited. In fact, you will only have two to choose from. However, as you progress through the game you will unlock new building plates. Another way to get them is to go through the store, where you will have to shell out some rubies to buy them.

Once in build mode, you can use all the items you have collected during the game to create what you want. If you want a friend to join the building, just press the button “Invite a friend”. After that, a QR code will be generated for your friend to scan after tapping the option “Join Buildplate”.

We warn you that during construction your partner may to build or destroy whatever you want on your build plate … so choose your companions wisely!

Can a player change my build plate when I’m not playing?

AR in Minecraft Earth

No do not worry. It is only possible that someone Edit or destroy your buildplate if you have invited this player to do it yourself. So breathe gently, your building will always be there no matter how long it takes to replay.

How adventures work

Minecraft Earth Adventures

Besides being able to build, in Minecraft Earth you can also discover countless adventures in true Minecraft style but in the real world. These adventures would be the equivalent of survival sections from the original game so be careful because your character can die there.

To start an adventure, you must first locate it in your surroundings. It looks like a broken ground that you must press to break with your beak. Once done, you will find out what your adventure is all about.

The beauty of Minecraft Earth adventures is that they they are very diverse. You will find some that are used simply to locate treasures, others that you will have to eliminate an enemy and others where you will have to survive real hordes. You will never know what adventure awaits you then before starting one.It is recommended to be well equipped and if you don’t need it, ask a friend for help.

For invite a friend on an adventure follow the same procedure as the previous point. In other words, hit the “Invite Friend” button, generate a QR code and share it with your friend to join in the fun.

Oh, and if you’re stingy and worried about inviting a friend because you want all of the treasures and the experience for yourself, don’t worry. You will both receive the exact same items and benefits when completed.

How to get Rubies in Minecraft Earth

Ruby in Minecraft Earth

Once you start playing Minecraft Earth, it will surprise you so much that you will want to have as many building plates possible. Although every five levels you unlock a new one, the easiest way to get them is through the in-game store.

Each build plate will be accompanied by a description, size and number of rubies that you will have to pay to get it. And you are wondering … How do I get these gems?

to exist two shapes with which you will be able to obtain rubies. The first is by clicking on objects in your environment, as if you were collecting materials. Every time you get your hands on an item there is a chance you will find Rubies. We caution you for this reason that it is not as easy as it sounds and it will take you some time to get a decent number of them.

The second option is buy these rubies directly from the menu of the Minecraft Earth store. While this is a faster and easier method than the previous one, it also has its drawbacks. And in order to buy these rubies, you will have to make a microtransaction with real money.

We recommend that you value well before spending real money on rubies, because while it’s a slow (and sometimes tedious) process, you can just get your hands on them. play the game.

We hope that Minecraft Earth Basic Guide helped you start playing this entertaining game. We remind you why Minecraft Earth is still in a state of early beta, therefore some functions are subject to change.

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