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Minecraft GB – Free Download

Did you think you saw it all in Minecraft?

Then try to download this large scale map of Great Britain, created with more than 22 trillion blocks that represent more than 224,000 square kilometers, practically on a real scale.

A massive extension created by the Ordnance Survey, England’s cartographic authority.

Players will start at the Ordnance Survey office in Southampton before they can freely roam the territory. Players can add their own landmarks, like the Stonenhenge or even an imaginary Hogwarts castle.

The map was created using OS OpenData products which support the actual rendering of map data.

Great work that can definitely add a great playground to your imagination. Because yes, we can make any random map, but why not play with an entire country?

We can fly over the Thames through London and skirt the rocky shores of the Atlantic, or explore the highlands of Scotland. A great way to bring the real world closer to the virtual world with Minecraft.

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