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Minitab – Free Download

This is a powerful set of statistical tools, in this case the version is aimed at students. The Minitab program has a long experience in the world of statistical program development, which with this version implements 60 improvements in all of its functions, such as wizard, in basic statistics, in regression analysis, in analysis of variance. , in the design of experiments, the quality tools, in the multivariate, in the power and analysis of the sample and in the aid, it in turn incorporates a series of additional features, which make it even more full.

In terms of functionality, we can highlight its ease of use thanks to a simple interface, where a well-structured tutorial will teach us the utilities of each of the tools. For this reason, it can be used by professionals and students for learning statistics.

It contains all the elements that a program of these characteristics should have: different types of graphs, data analysis, both regression and variance, supports data stored in different extensions, as well as different image formats.

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