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MSN 2013 V6.0 Webcam Recorder [Capturar en video]

MSN webcam

You can record what is happening on your computer screen

Surely you have already used a tutorial of an application with which you were able to follow the steps to run and use it. All of these tutorials are saved with an application like this that we present to you. It is a small program with which you can record everything that happens on your computer screen. Thus, we can record, for example, an explanation of a program, a sketch of a business plan or any other document that you place on your computer screen.

The application is very practical to be able to give online training of all kinds, but it also has a more fun side: if you are a fan of video games, you can record your best games and then send them to your friends or, why not , publish them on YouTube.

The program is quite simple to use. Download and install it on your computer (it’s a cross-platform application), and start recording whenever you want, stopping recording and restarting it whenever you want. When finished, you can save it as a video file.

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