PDF Architect Pro + OCR v7.1.1 Crack Professional PDF editing

Download PDF Architect Pro + OCR v7.1.1 Crack Professional PDF editing

The app is exceptionally light, easy to use, and flexible. It is the advanced PDF solution with everything you need to personalize, protect and collaborate on your PDF documents. We have included all the necessary functions for home and professional users who want to optimize their workflow. View and work on two documents on the same screen with our exclusive Side-by-Side View. Access and save files from the cloud. Connect to OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. Send your files to Evernote for viewing and editing on multiple devices. Use the fade tool to delete elements in your document, including comments and form fields. Mark your documents using the highlight, underline and strikethrough functions.

With the Create feature, you can create PDF files from documents that contain important or private information, and use its security features to keep your files safe and control access to them. By choosing to use a PDF document, you are assured that your file will always look the same and be compatible with any PDF software, no matter what system or software it was created with.
As PDF documents become an essential part of your job, you may sometimes need to edit their content. PDF Architect’s powerful Edit function allows you to make modifications directly within your PDF file without the need to export or copy the content to another format.

Working with multiple documents, especially if they are all different formats, can be a headache. With the Insert feature of PDF Architect, you can combine all the files you are working with into a PDF document, making it easy to manage and share. Organize and classify your PDF files by inserting and customizing page elements, as well as other similar details in your document.

Turn into
Although PDF is one of the most convenient and portable file formats, it is sometimes necessary to convert existing PDF documents to other types of files or to return to their original format without loss of information. Use our powerful Convert function to instantly convert your PDF files to various popular file formats.

Convert your PDF files to:

MS Word (.doc, .docx)
MS Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
HTML visible in a web browser
Text files (.txt)
Images (.png / .jpeg / .gif / .tif)
PDF files are known for their small format locking capabilities, but now you can also review and add notes to work on a document with your colleagues. The review function is specifically designed to help you collaborate on your documents using review tools to annotate your PDF files and compare two documents.

PDF Architect’s Forms feature allows you to create beautiful, fillable forms from scratch, or fill out predesigned forms as well. Create invoices, survey forms, and more with custom PDF documents for any need.

Secure and sign
With the large number of files that are emailed and shared every day, document security is more important now than ever. Protect and protect your documents digitally with passwords and permission levels with the security and signature function. You can also sign your documents with a digital signature.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is the finishing touch that makes PDF Architect the complete PDF solution. Use our OCR function to unlock text in a single document or increase your productivity and use the Batch Recognition function to simultaneously recognize multiple files.

This service allows you to prepare, send and track documents for electronic signature directly within the application. Our electronic signature method creates a manifest to archive the signing ceremony. The signature is legally binding and enforceable under EPA and other federal requirements related to electronic signatures. Electronic signatures and records are as good as their paper equivalents, and therefore are subject to the same legal scrutiny and authenticity that applies to any written agreement.

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