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Plex Media Server – Free Download

The information of all those media files that we enjoy on the computer can be well organized and also provide us with a medium where we can place new information and files. A good option for this is the Plex Media Server program, a complex system for having your own media server on your computer. The content is categorized in a very structured way in a user-friendly and intuitive interface. In this way, the server connects to the Plex client, providing all the information regarding the user’s chosen collection of multimedia content that they repeatedly enjoy. You can also include any data you want to add to the name of the user.

With Plex Media Server, the user will have at his disposal an elegant environment, where he can gather all the data of his series, films, songs or photos. The program only displays the file information area, it does not play audiovisual content. It has an excellent search engine, which performs the task in the various folders available to the user. On the other hand, you can also include a password as a security measure for the content that you have created on this media server. File information sheets may contain the uploaded data and even incorporate other data of the user’s personal knowledge.

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