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The best apps to protect your mobile

With the exponential increase of cell phone hacks and the constant security holes that appear in the media every day, it is normal for you to worry about the security of your data. And it is that in the times we live in, it is no longer enough to put a PIN code on the phone or avoid opening files or emails from strangers to protect your mobile.

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Cell phones have become the main target of hackers and identity thieves. We store much of our life there, from personal photos and private conversations to bank details or our credit card numbers. Do you understand why they take advantage of everything security hole enter our device?

Fortunately, there are a number of applications for Android with which you can protect your mobile. These not only add several additional layers of security to your device, but also give you the peace of mind that your data will not fall into the hands of other people. Would you like to know which ones we consider essential?

In today’s article we are going to offer you a selection of the best apps with which you can protect your android phones. We hope they will help you!

Avast Mobile Security

Avast interface for Android

Have a voucher installed anti-virus This is not only needed on your PC, but also on your mobile devices. And is that even though many of us think otherwise, our mobile can also fall victim to viruses and malware.

Avast Mobile Antivirus is an excellent application with which you will be able to keep your mobile always protected. It is able to detect 99.9% of current viruses and 100% of malware that affects Android phones. With such good results, it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most downloaded antiviruses in the entire Play Store.

With a clear and simple interface, Avast is able to offer you total security when you browse the Internet from your mobile. Additionally, the app lets you perform periodic scans of all your apps to make sure none of them contain malicious content.

You can download Avast Mobile Antivirus quickly and safely under these lines.

Malwarebytes Protection: Antivirus and Anti-Malware

It’s common for us to think that with an antivirus, our Android device will already be protected, but … is it really like that? In addition to viruses, there is another type of big threat to our mobiles in the form of malware. This can take the form of adware, ransomware, our activity tracking, phishing URLs, etc.

To protect your phone, we strongly recommend that you download Malwarebytes, the industry-leading app to prevent attack or clean any device from all types of malware. If you have a PC, you are probably already familiar with this software because it is also one of the most recommended for desktops and its version for cellphones does not disappoint.

Malwarebytes is a really powerful application. It is able to detect any threat thanks to its real time shield, preventing it from entering your device. In addition to that, it will also alert you to any suspicious activity on your browser. Will also play periodic analyzes of your mobile scan your applications for malware and block any attempt to take control of your data.

You can download Malwarebytes quickly and comfortably under these lines.

Nox Security – Antivirus Master, Clean Virus

Nox Antivirus

If you are looking for an application that gives you extensive protection against viruses and malware and all kinds of threats circulating on the network, we recommend that you download Nox Security – Antivirus Master, Clean Virus.

This free app has absolutely everything so that you can surf the Internet and download apps to your mobile without worrying about a hacker taking over your data. He is able to detect and remove the vast majority of viruses and malware circulating on the Internet, but that’s not all. Nox Security -Antivirus Master, Clean Virus can also analyze applications, protect and block them to avoid privacy breaches.

In addition to all these interesting functions, Nox Security also integrates a system to block incoming spam on your mobile, prevent attacks on open Wi-Fi networks and even block fraudulent calls. More complete impossible … and it is free!

You can download Nox Security – Antivirus Master, Clean Virus quickly and safely under these lines.

Lookout – Antivirus and Security

Lookout Antivirus and Security is an interesting and comprehensive suite to protect your mobile or tablet against viruses, malware and even theft attacks. With over a million downloads, the app won the award for one of the best free apps on the Play Store and is still essential for protecting your mobile today.

Lookout Antivirus & Security integrates a powerful antivirus which will scan your mobile device for viruses, adware, malware and spyware. This way, you will be able to block any type of malicious file or possible attack trying to steal data from your device. In addition to this, the app is also capable of locate your mobile in case of loss and theft as well as alerting you that any application or service you use has suffered hacker attack that may affect your safety.

Among the latest news from the app it is interesting to talk about your option for check open Wi-Fi networks and inform you of its safety. Another new function allows you to scan your device for root access and thus ensure the proper functioning of your mobile.

You can download Lookout Antivirus & Security quickly and safely under these lines.


Bouncer interface

All of us have used an app before, but it requires a huge amount of permissions to work. However, not all of us like to grant camera, location, or data permissions to an app and know it will have access to them even when we’re not using it. For this type of case, there is Bouncer, a very useful application that grant temporary permissions to apps then revokes them so that no one can use them maliciously.

Imagine, for example, that you downloaded the app from a social network and in order to use it you need to offer camera and location permissions. With bouncer you can give a temporary permit for them, take the photos you want and post them. Then, Bouncer will take care of revoking the permissions so that the application does not have access to them.

In addition to all this, Bouncer is able to analyze the use that applications make of the battery of your mobile and it will also tell you which of them sell your data to third parties. All this completely free!

You can download Bouncer under these lines.

Focus Firefox

Focus Firefox

Browsers are one of the most common ways we are attacked through the Internet. They store a large amount of information about us (our searches, passwords, etc.) which, if it gets into the wrong hands, can be used for malicious purposes.

So that we can surf the internet with complete peace of mind there Focus Firefox, a browser focused on user privacy. This not only blocks any advertising and tracker that we find on the internet, but also removes your history, cookies, and passwords so that they are always private.

A very interesting point about Firefox Focus is that by blocking a lot of unnecessary content, navigation is much smoother and faster. This way, you won’t waste time every time you connect to the internet from your mobile phone.

You can download Firefox Focus quickly and safely under these lines.

Signal – Private messaging

Signal Private Messenger

There are many messaging apps on the market, but while it may surprise you, many of them have security holes or they do not completely encrypt your messages. If we take into account the amount of personal information that we share through them, it’s worth adding an extra layer of protection to our messages… don’t you think?

Signal is an excellent messaging application developed specifically to provide protection of all your conversations. These are encrypted in such a way that only your interlocutor will be the one who will receive the data you send without risk of being intercepted. The same will happen with your calling and video calling service.

Besides all this, Signal offers an interesting option to protect your SMS. This way, even if your friend or colleague hasn’t installed Signal, your messages will be encrypted and protected.

You can download Signal quickly and comfortably under these lines.

NoRoot firewall

NoRoot Firewall Interface

Many applications that we have installed on our mobile access the Internet without our permission, even when they appear to be inactive. This results in a huge loss of your data throughput and also the possibility that important information can be stolen from your mobile and sent to third parties.

To avoid unpleasant surprises NoRoot firewall. This application is able to detect suspicious internet usage by the applications you have installed and prevent them from accessing or exchanging data on the internet without your permission.

With a simple and very easy to use interface, NoRoot Firewall is a simple but powerful application with which you can detect and fix any suspicious activity on your mobile phone.

You can download NoRoot Firewall quickly and comfortably under these lines.

We hope that our selection of applications to protect your Android mobile helped you. Is there another app you are using that is not on the list? Share it with us in the comments section!

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