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The best Disney + series of 2020

At the start of this year, we were finally able to enjoy Disney + on Spanish territory. After a small exclusive period on American soil, much of the planet began to hire Disney + to enjoy series, films and documentaries bearing the Disney factory seal. Now that little is left for this rare year due to COVID-19 at the end, at Softonic we bring you a compilation with the best Disney + series of 2020, both those already released and those to come.

Diary of a future president

It was one of the first fictions to appear in that year, so much so that it premiered on January 17, 2020, when no one still knew what to expect from the coronavirus: Diary of a future president. The series focuses on the life of Elena Cañero-Reed, a girl who claims to be the future President of the United States.

Although her dream is to run the country, she is basically nothing more than a teenage girl trying to survive her first high school in Miami. To do this, she will have the help of Sasha, her best friend, her brother Bobby, her mother Gabi and Sam, her mother’s new boyfriend.

See the diary of a future president

The world according to Jeff Goldblum

Although its first episode dates from late 2019, the first season of The world according to Jeff Goldblum It didn’t end until the first month of 2020. With a major reception thanks to the charismatic Good of Goldblum, this great documentary series will entertain and rejoice an insightful viewer.

In each of the 12 episodes, the actor draws the thread of an object that is familiar to all of us to discover its connections, all through science and surprising stories. What are simple sports shoes, ice cream, where does the coffee you drink every day come from? A background of stories for the simplest objects and which can even be enigmatic, all through chapters full of curiosities and a pinch of intelligence. Seeing that something special always exists in the ordinary is what the world is talking about according to Jeff Goldblum.

See the world according to Jeff Goldblum

Chosen to guide

With the series Chosen to guide It goes exactly like with The World According to Jeff Goldblum, which is that it first aired on December 20, 2019, but it wasn’t until January 24, 2020 that that first season ended. For this reason, we have decided to include it in what would be the premieres of this 2020.

Chosen to Guide is a great series for the whole family. Through six episodes, we are shown the ups and downs of a group of dogs who have a very limited job: serving as guides for the blind, one of the most beautiful things a dog can do. Inspired by the documentary of the same name, with this series more than a tear will fall, so it’s best to have the handkerchief pack ready (just in case).

See chosen to guide

Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Perhaps the word that best matches what happened to Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a: THANKS. In capital letters. When Star Wars became part of the Disney conglomerate, the first thing the company did was do without this whole expanded Star Wars universe that had already been created. There were some decisions that fans liked because not all of the forest is oregano, but there are others that hurt, like the cancellation of the formidable Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

What was the surprise to all of us when Disney announced that the animated series would return to the television grid in the year 2020, specifically and exclusively for its Disney + platform. In this way, the fiction not only picked up what happened long ago with a seventh season, but also ended that fascinating passage between Star Wars Episodes 2 and 3. To top it off, the quality of this last season has been very high and left fans and new viewers alike with a great taste in their mouths. Experts say it already: there is no such thing as listening to those people who have promoted you to success. They are the ones who always show the way.

See Star Wars The Clone Wars

Marvel’s 616

When Disney acquired the seal of quality that Marvel cherished, we all felt that the Mickey Mouse Factory was going to launch a lot of products under its umbrella. All of the new comics and re-releases came with the massive Marvel Cinematic Universe movie bundle that gave so much joy, as well as a slew of series that reached other streaming platforms … and now Disney +.

The first to be published on the platform is Marvel’s 616. While we all expected some fiction from the characters in the film – the coronavirus has delayed the filming of many of these series – the first to be released is a documentary series which deals with specific details of the House of Ideas. For example, we’ll see how Marvel comics are created, what inspires their authors, different country-specific versions of superheroes, collectibles, cosplay, etc.

The series is set to premiere in a few weeks (not yet dated) with the following episodes, each directed by a director: Japanese Spiderman (David Gelb), Taller, Farther, Faster (Gillian Jacobs), Amazing Craftsmen (Clay Jeter) , Lost and Found (Paul Scheer), put on your costume! (Andrew Rossi), Out of the Box (Sarah Ramos), The Marvel Method (Bryan Oakes) and Under the Spotlight (Alison Brie).

Page 616 of Marvel

The Mandalorian

By far – very much – the most anticipated premiere of all this year at Disney +, the one that Star Wars fans have been waiting for since its end of 2019: the second season of The Mandalorian. Our beloved space adventurer returns after being one of the thrills of the past year, to keep us glued to the screen during its eight vibrant episodes.

For this second season, the Mandalorian will once again have eight episodes. The first of these will be released on October 30, so you won’t have a better Halloween night in your life. The final chapter will take place on December 18, just before the start of Christmas.

This second season is expected to continue through the points where the first season left off. (SPOILERS ARE COMING). For example, we’ll continue to see what Mando’s relationship with El Niño looks like. Jon Favreau, the creator of this series, has already said he wants to dig deeper into this curious relationship, so we’ll see more of that. Likewise, our dear Giancarlo Esposito, the bad TV officer at this point, will once again lend his face to Moff Gideón, the former Imperial Security Bureau officer who must search for the Mandalorian and Baby Yoda. Of course, there will be more unknowns, but we will have to wait for these eight episodes to find out.

See Mandalorian seasons 1 and 2

And what’s to come

As we’ve said throughout this article, the damn coronavirus has made this year very convulsive when it comes to TV series. Disney + had prepared the premieres of series such as Scarlet Witch and Vision for the end of this 2020, but at the moment we don’t have an exact date.

Something similar happened with Falcon and the Winter Soldier, who had to stop recording with a crash due to the Covid-19 epidemics and go into lockdown. Its premiere was scheduled for this 2020, but everything already indicates that we will go to 2021, unfortunately, due to the pandemic.

These are the series that Disney + has prepared for us for this 2020. Which do you prefer? We have it very clear (galactic music sounds).

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