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The best movies and series about hackers

When we think of a pirate The image of someone wearing a sweatshirt and hood always comes to my mind, locked in a dark room and typing code at breakneck speed. And is that even though we all know what a Pirate, we don’t all know exactly what life is like or what these computer geniuses actually do.


There are many types of hackers. The most well-known (and also those who give the name a bad name) are simply devoted to intercepting data or entering other people’s devices for the purpose of profit. We are talking about Black hat, one of the many cybercriminals. However, there are also hackers whose business is to detect security breaches and help companies improve their systems (white hat). But the list of hackers is long and extensive, so it’s not correct to put them all in one bag.

One way to get to know the world of hackers a bit more or just to have fun watching an idealized version of them is to movies and the television series. Would you like to see some of the best in the genre? In today’s article, we’ll bring you the ones we like the most. We hope this helps you!

Hackers, hackers

Hackers, Hackers

Hackers, hackers is a well-known 1995 film that not only revealed a very young woman Angelina Jolie, but also influenced the way hackers dress and speak in the popular imagination.

The film tells the story of Dade murphy, a young hacker who manages to bring down more than 1507 information system inside Wall Street. After being detained by police, authorities ordered the teenager not to be able to approach a computer or phone until he was 18.

After coming of age, Murphy and his family moved to New York City. There, he will become friends with a group of amateur hackers who, out of curiosity, will find themselves in the middle of a industrial scam on a large Scale.

The Matrix trilogy

The matrix

Conceived by Wachowski sisters, The Matrix trilogy was a before and after in the films of science fiction. Blending in abundant action, a complex story that questions reality, and a hint of messianic touches, it’s still a cult movie that every computer lover must see today.

The Matrix tells the story of a young man with a routine life who, in his spare time, acts as a hacker neo. One day, he is contacted by the mysterious Morpheus. This informs you that the real world is just an illusion called Matrix and that in reality, human beings live connected to a machine that uses them as batteries.

After taking the mythical red pill To wake up in the real dystopian world, Neo will join a group of hackers whose goal is to awaken humanity. And it is that although the young man does not know it, he is “The chosen”.

War games

War games

War games it’s a classic of hacker movies. We will follow the misadventures of David lightman, a young hacker with a brilliant mind but little motivation in his institute.

David uses his hacking skills to perform tricks like changing his class grades or play new games before they go on sale. Everything goes wrong one day he manages to hack a computer where, among his many games, he finds strange titles called “Thermonuclear World War”, “Global Biotoxic Scenario” or “Chemical Warfare”.

When David starts a “Thermonuclear World War” game like the USSR and choose attack the united states, the alarms are triggered. And it is that without knowing it, his battle simulation He is taken seriously by US military personnel and a real war is started.

The Snoops (sneakers)


Snoopers is an entertaining intriguing film where not only will we be shown the figure of pirate and his way of acting, but he will do so with precision and without exaggeration.

The film tells the story of Martin Bishop (Robert Redford), a Computer Engineering and hacker who heads a private investigation group. This one is special, because it is composed of a spy, a fugitive, a thief, a hacker and a flight instructor.

The film begins when this motley group is forced to work for a secret agency and they are accused of stealing a black box. Mystery, deceptions, betrayals … Snoopers has everything to keep you glued to the sofa throughout the film.


Tron, the Disney classic, is also loosely based on the hacker world. Depending on your age, surely you only remember its second part, but in the article we want to refer to the movie that started it all.

Tron recounts the adventures of Kevin flynn (Jeff Bridges), a young programmer who benefits the company that hired him. After discovering that all video games of which he is the author are sold without mentioning his name, he abandons his work to work on the arcades.

After receiving a request for help from company employees, Flynn will come and help them hack computer. However, he will eventually get engrossed in video games. Once inside you will need the help of the program Tron to get to hack the computer and get back into the real world.

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot

Mr. Robot is a fast-paced techno-thriller starring a hacker. It tells the story of Elliot Alderson, a computer security engineer and hacker who suffers from depression and social anxiety.

The series opens with Alderson recruited by the enigmatic Mr. Robot, an anarchist who heads a group of hackers called society. Its objective is very clear: to destroy all bank and credit records of the E Corp.

With four Seasons behind his back and acclaimed by critics and viewers alike, Mr. Robot is a perfect bet for anyone looking for a much more realistic and dramatic take on the hacker world.

2. 3

2. 3

2. 3 is an obsession Thriller in French based on real events where nothing is what it seems. This tells the story of Karl Koch, a young hacker who died in 1989 was said to have committed suicide.

The film begins in the 80s, where a young Koch meets a boy named David through the Chaos Computer Club. Encouraged to become modern vigilantes, both hack the KGB computer system. However, the constant effort to achieve this goal will send Koch into a drug spiral.

Over time the film will show how Koch slowly loses his mind and grows taller obsession with number 23. Mystery, betrayal and drama permeate a film that shows the darker side of hackers.

The big hack

The big hack

The big hack it’s a Documentary film from Netflix which covers the big scandal that erupted between Facebook and Cambridge Analytica.

The documentary tells in detail how the American company Cambridge Analytica collected data from 87 million Facebook profiles to use them for political purposes. Among them is Donald Trump’s campaign or Brexit.

The Great Hacking, although it does not directly address the issue of hackers, it is very interesting to have a clear vision of the use made by large companies Personal informations and how they can fall into the wrong hands after a security breach.

Who am I: no system is secure

Who am I

Who am I: no system is secure is a German techno-thriller that puts us in the shoes of Benjamin, a young man with little idea of ​​his place in the world. This is why things change when Benjamin accesses the internet, because it is a talented hacker ready for everything.

The film chronicles the adventures of Benjamin and his particular group of hackers called CLAY (The clowns laugh at you). These are dedicated to hack large business systems then find out their secrets and humiliate them in public.

Under the motto “No system is safe”, Who Am I is an interesting bet to discover the fast pace security world on the Internet.



Scorpio is an entertaining series that chronicles the adventures of Walter Brian, a pirate with a prodigious intellect who, at the tender age of 13, managed to hack NASA computers.

Years go by, but Walter’s passion for codes and computers does not change. This is why the Department of Homeland Security (NSA) deposits it, with a talented team, to fight against all types of cyberterrorists.

Fast, clever and full of mysteries to solve, Scorpio is a series that will hook you from the start. And there is 4 seasons about to see!

We hope that our selection of movies and series about hackers you have loved. Missing some on this list? Share it with us in the comments section!

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