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The best VPNs for safe browsing

the Internet it changed our lives. Since its inception, the web has taken a 180-degree turn in the way we seek information and communicate. Now we can even work, send files halfway around the world in seconds, or shop without leaving the living room. And is that the flow of information circulating on the Internet is endless. It is not for this reason that it is also the right environment for the Pirates Yes cybercriminals look for an opportunity to profit at the expense of others.

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There are many ways your data may be at risk. Being connected to a suspicious network, using a public Wi-Fi network, or regularly using P2P (peer-to-peer) software can give you one annoyance or another. And it is that the data packets that you share on the Internet they are not encrypted, and the only thing a hacker needs is to watch you for a chance to get hold of them.

Fortunately there is VPN, a comfortable service thanks to which your browsing is always anonymous and everything you share online will be encrypted. This way, you can add an extra layer of security that lets you browse the internet without any fear. However… Which VPN best meets your needs?

To help you choose the right option, in today’s article we are going to offer you a selection of those that we consider the best VPNs for safe browsing. We hope they will help you.

What is a VPN and what is it for?

How a VPN works

We will start our article by giving you a few keys on what is a VPN and why you should use one.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a virtual private network capable of encrypt all your browsing data as well as file transmission. Its operation is as easy as creating an additional connection between your internet provider and a VPN server located around the world.

This server will not only get hide your IP address but it will also be in charge of encrypting everything you transmit before connecting to the desired website or service. This way by using a VPN you get a anonymous and much safer browsing.

Why should you use a VPN?

There are many reasons why we should all use a VPN, although the most important of all is, without a doubt, that this guarantees our security and that of our data.

When we use unknown and insecure networks or an open Wi-Fi hotspot, our data can be easily intercepted by a hacker. Since they are not encrypted, this poses a serious problem for your privacy and you may be the victim of either identity theft or money in your bank account. A VPN easily solves this problem so that you can always surf the Internet with peace of mind.

Another reason to use a VPN is that by connecting to different servers located around the world, they are able to hide our real IP. This will allow you to browse in total anonymity and your searches cannot be tracked by third-party services.

If you are one of those working because of COVID-19, you will be interested to know that VPNs can virtually create secure local networks. This is very important in the labor industry whether a worker works in the same office or a freelancer is hired from another location on the planet.

Finally, a VPN is capable of bypass any type of geo-blocking and thus avoid censorship. So if you are using a VPN you can access the blocked pages in your country and you can even use the full catalog of streaming services as is the case with Netflix. This is accomplished simply by connecting to a server in the region where this content is available.

Have you ever been convinced of the value of using a VPN?

Best VPNs of 2020

As we told you before, a form of power surf the internet safely uses a VPN but… do you know which one to choose? Below these lines we recommend the ones we like the most.



ExpressVPN it is one of the best VPNs on the market. It’s really fast, perfect for both browsing securely and accessing streaming content.

As for how it works, setting up ExpressVPN is really simple. The service has more than 3000 servers distributed in more than 160 geographical regions of the planet. In addition to that, it offers a 256-bit encryption system, your data will therefore always be safe.

In short, ExpressVPN is a perfect and balanced option to browse, play online or access geo-blocked content securely. And it can be used on desktops as well as on mobiles and tablets!

You can download ExpressVPN quickly and safely under these lines.


NordVPN interface

NordVPN is a perfect service for all users who are looking for security when browsing the Internet. And is that we are facing one of the strongest VPNs when it comes to keep your privacy and that of your data.

To achieve its goal, NordVPN uses a better encryption scheme than most VPNs. Instead of using the typical 256-bit encryption, NordVPN takes a twist and uses a 2048-bit system with DDoS protection. In this way, it is completely impossible for your data to be intercepted by third parties.

Regarding its service, NordVPN has more than 5500 servers spread over 55 geographic locations, so perfect for avoiding regional blockages. In addition to all this, the service can be used on both desktop and laptop computers as well as mobile phones and tablets.

If you are looking for a good VPN with a service that special emphasis on safety of your dataDo not hesitate any longer because NordVPN is made for you.

Hotspot shield

Hotspot shield

Hotspot Shield offers, as its name suggests, a security shield added to your computer so you can always surf safely. So this is the perfect option if you usually connect to the Internet using public or open networks and you don’t want to end up being upset.

Hotspot Shield’s strength is its AES military encryption system, thanks to which your data will always be safe. Moreover, its interface is very easy to use, so that any novice user can use it without problem in a few seconds. Just press a button and you can surf the internet safely.

If you want power download torrents calmly or access the full catalog of services such as Netflix, do not worry. Hotspot Shield allows both with great ease. In addition, it has a 45-day trial version with which you can test the service without any commitment.

You can download Hotspot Shield quickly and comfortably below these lines.


Cyberghost interface

CyberGhost is the perfect option if you want a VPN for access all kinds of blocked streaming content regionally. And it is that the same VPN is configured so that you can access services like Netflix with just one click.

The service has more than 4500 servers Distributed in 60 geographic locations different. As an important point to note, Cyberghost has a strict anti-logging and anti-IP leakage policy, so at no time do you worry that your data may be disclosed to third parties.

Finally, we must add that CyberGhost is an interesting bet for all fans of download torrents and the P2P programs. And does this VPN have servers optimized to perform this task in the safest way possible.

You can download CyberGhost quickly and comfortably under these lines.

Panda VPN

Panda logo

It is probable that by mentioning Panda its outstanding antivirus software comes to mind. What many don’t know is that in addition to protecting you against viruses and malware, Panda also offers an interesting VPN which, while simpler than previous bets, more than serves its purpose.

Panda VPN offers powerful data protection thanks to Catapult Hydra Encryption System and AES 256-bit data encryption. Its service is distinguished by its speed, ease of use and capacity get rid of regional blocks In the blink of an eye. On top of all that, it’s more than enough to protect your data while you download torrents or use P2P programs.

You can download panda VPN quickly and comfortably under these lines.

Pure VPN


We end our selection by recommending you Pure VPN. It stands out for its speed, simplicity of interface and ability to unlock the full catalog of streaming services such as Netflix.

One of the most interesting things about Pure VPN is its server diversity. We will find thousands of them scattered in areas as difficult to access as Russia or China. Besides that, it is possible to use this VPN on desktops, laptops, mobile devices and even TVs with Android TV.

You can download Pure VPN quickly and safely under these lines.

We hope that our VPN selection has helped you when it comes to navigate much safer on the Internet. Are you using any VPN services that we haven’t included in the list? Share it with us in the comments section!

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