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There is no one today that I do not know WhatsApp. This popular messaging app has broken records and it’s hard to find someone who hasn’t installed it on their mobile. And thanks to WhatsApp we can be always in touch with family and friends, whether they live near their home or on the other side of the planet. It’s no wonder many see it as “the app that put an end to texting”.

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However, the throne of WhatsApp is never as secure as there is other great messaging services that they are constantly trying to remove its hegemony. We are talking, for example, of its eternal rival, Telegram, or other popular applications such as Facebook Messenger, Line or Signal.

In today’s article, we’re going to put the cards on the table and make a comparison between WhatsApp and its two main competitors: Telegram and signal. This way, you will be able to know which one is best suited to your needs. We hope this helps you!

WhatsApp vs. Telegram

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We start our list with Telegram, the eternal rival of WhatsApp and the main competitor of the popular messaging service. Although the number of Telegram users is much smaller than the over 2 billion active users of WhatsApp, there are still many today who prefer the paper airplane application. What is so special?

Differences in chat

WhatsApp and Telegram are very similar services, but they have some pretty interesting differences. By focusing exclusively on your chat service, Telegram has quite a few features that WhatsApp lacks.

A clear example is in the Voice messages. While in WhatsApp we can switch between chats and send messages while listening to voice notes, WhatsApp forces us to stay in the original conversation.

Another important difference is that Telegram allows you to edit a message that we sent. On the contrary, WhatsApp still does not have this option and if we make a mistake while composing a message, we will only be able to delete it or write a new message with what we really wanted to say.

Differences when sharing files

WhatsApp and Telegram allow you to share files of all kinds (photos, videos, text files, etc.) within a conversation. However, file size limits are very different depending on the platform. If we use Telegram, we can share files up to 1.5 GB weight while WhatsApp has its limit 100 MB.

While this isn’t a big deal when it comes to sharing small files, it’s a pretty noticeable difference in which Telegram clearly wins.

Differences in social functions

Since Facebook bought WhatsApp in 2014, the messaging service has added some cool social features such as, in this case, “WhatsApp statuses”. These allow us to add a short phrase or link to let our contacts know what we are doing or just to get their attention. For its part, Telegram completely lacks statuses in its messaging app.

Safety differences

As these are messaging apps, one of their most important features is to ensure the total privacy of your messages. WhatsApp and Telegram offer end-to-end encryption of your conversations. Of course, it’s important to point out that they don’t offer this encryption in the same way. While in WhatsApp it is always active no matter what type of chat we do, in Telegram it is only offered in its “Secret cats”.

However, that doesn’t tip the scales completely in WhatsApp’s favor, as Telegram’s secret chat service offers a extra layer of security your rival lacks. These not only encrypt end-to-end messages, but also offer an incognito keyboard, self-destructing messages, and screenshot protection.

Differences in voice and video calls

In a messaging application, being able to send messages is as important as making voice and video calls. WhatsApp has a clear advantage in this regard, because it delivers both for years and with exceptional results. Its video calling service is particularly noteworthy, allowing up to 8 different parties to enjoy a meeting without having to leave the house.

Although Telegram offers both services, they are light years away from delivering the quality of service of WhatsApp. Its voicemail service only arrived in the app in 2017 when itVideo calls were launched in mid-2020, allowing only conversations between two users.

Difference in cross-platform applications

WhatsApp and Telegram offer the possibility of send messages without using your mobile phone. However, the two services offer very different results, so it is convenient to compare them.

If we want to use WhatsApp from our PC, we will have to use the WhatsApp web version or download your desktop application. However, we will need to have our phone nearby and with WhatsApp open for our messages to appear on our computer screen.

On the contrary, Telegram offers a API for PC With which we can chat without a problem, whether we have our phone near, far or connected to the Internet.

Customization differences

Finally, we will compare the customization capability both the WhatsApp app and the Telegram app. And let’s face it, we all love to personalize the apps we use every day to make them a lot nicer to watch.

WhatsApp is not a very customizable application. In fact, the only changes you can make in the messaging app will be change your course by an image from your gallery or by a solid color and choose between light or dark theme of WhatsApp.

Telegram, on the other hand, allows fully customize the application. From there, you’ll be able to edit themes, download them, or create them from scratch, letting you change any visible aspect of your chats.

WhatsApp or Telegram… which is better?

We are faced with a question which is difficult to answer because both apps are really good and useful. If we look objectively at the improvements and functionality of both, it is likely that the balance will tip in Telegram’s favor. However, we have to keep in mind that WhatsApp is much more popular and with more users, so it is much more useful when it comes to locating our friends and being able to communicate comfortably with them. Both applications are exceptional, so we recommend that thsandpaper the one that best suits your needs.

WhatsApp Vs Signal

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Formerly called TextSecure, Signal is a popular messaging app whose main currency is security of our messages. Used by over 10 million users, Signal is today one of the leading apps for chatting and making secure video calls, but… how is it different from WhatsApp?

Differences in chat

At first glance, Signal is an application very similar to WhatsApp but with a general interface a little more sober. He has the basic tools of any messaging app worth its salt. Among them, we find the now classic stickers, the sending of animated GIFs or the possibility of sharing files of all kinds with our contacts.

In this sense, WhatsApp and Signal go hand in hand, although it is important to note that the number of Signal users is much lower, so it is likely that you have difficulty locating your friends.

Difference when sharing files

WhatsApp and Signal both offer the ability to share files, videos, photos, and images. However, Signal incorporates an innovative feature that allows blur people’s faces in any photograph. This makes it easy to share images of people who wish to remain anonymous or, for example, minors.

Safety difference

Signal was born with the aim of becoming a truly secure messaging app but… is it more secure than WhatsApp?

Signal and WhatsApp share the technology of end-to-end encryption, thus preventing our conversations from being stored in the cloud. However, only Signal manages to minimize the metadata it stores on us, providing an extra layer of privacy. In addition to all this, the app is able to encrypt our video calls with end-to-end technology.

Differences in voice and video calls

WhatsApp and Signal both offer good service HD video calls and calls. It is only remarkable that although WhatsApp allows group video calls of up to 8 participants, Signal offers a much more secure system for making video calls.

Difference in cross-platform applications

Signal and WhatsApp they work very similarly from a PC and they must use the mobile with the application open in order to be used.

For this we will need the PC application installed (click on here for this) and scan the QR code from your mobile. If we want to have a conversation from our computer, we will always need to have Signal open on our mobile near us.

Customization differences

WhatsApp and Signal can customize their appearance in the same way. While WhatsApp allows us to change the context of our discussions to an image from our gallery or to a solid color, Signal only authorizes the latter. On the other hand, both messaging apps have a light theme and a dark theme to make it easier to read in low light environments.

WhatsApp or Signal… which is better?

The two messaging apps are very similar although Signal provides an additional layer of protection of our conversations that WhatsApp is missing. However, its number of users is still very low, which is not practical when it comes to finding our contacts and being able to chat with them.

We hope that our comparison between WhatsApp and its main competitors helped you. What messaging service do you use? Share it with us in the comments section!

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