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WhatsApp Desktop – Free Download

Who doesn’t use WhatsApp to raise their hand? Come on, no one is raising their hand. WhatsApp has become a necessary tool, something that we take for granted is out there and that everyone is using it. Likewise, it is practically impossible for us not to send messages without dancing letters because the mobile keyboard is not too comfortable.

Fortunately, that ends with the Windows and Mac desktop versions of WhatsApp.

The problem that has not yet been resolved is that you need to have WhatsApp on your mobile in order to be able to use it later on your computer. You will need this mobile client in order to be able to sync it with the computer and use WhatsApp on the PC.

How do I use WhatsApp on my PC?

The process is the same as the one we follow to use WhatsApp Web. We have to take a photo of the WhatsApp QR code itself with the option in the context menu. Then we can use the desktop version as if it were the mobile version.

From WhatsApp Desktop we can use group management, send and receive messages and files, use our computer’s camera to send videos and captures … we hardly notice any difference between using this version and mobile version and also a lot with a larger more comfortable keyboard.

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