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Windows Norton Commander – Free Download

Windows Norton Commander is a great tool that allows manage and manage all kinds of media files stored on the PC, whose operation is very similar to that shown by Windows Explorer.

Main features and functions of Windows Norton Commander

  • It features a comfortable and easy to use interface, which consists of two main menu windows, in which you can copy, move and edit files directly.
  • It allows to connect the device to others through a local network, as well as to work simultaneously on different computers.
  • Includes functions for compressing and decompressing files in several different formats (ZIP, ARJ, LHA, TIFF, Windows Media, MsCompress, ZOO, PAK and RAR)
  • It includes all the file manipulation options present in Windows Explorer, as well as many more that make these tasks easier.

If you want to have an application that allows you to easily and comfortably administer and manage all types of files, and whose operation is similar to that of Windows Explorer, you have nothing else to look for. download now Windows Norton Commander.

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