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Xubuntu – Free Download

Xubuntu is a lightweight version of Ubuntu, one of the most popular distributions of the free Linux operating system. The current version is known as “Precise Pangolin”, and has enjoyed the support of its creators for 3 years.

The Xubuntu environment is based on Xfce, a very light desktop that has nothing to envy either Gnome or Unit, the main environment for Ubuntu. Xubuntu has the same installations as the other versions and tools for everything, very easy installation of programs with Synaptic and the support of the Ubuntu user community. But requires less RAM and CPU to run as fast as possible. Xubuntu also uses GTK + applications, which are designed to consume less resources. In this sense, use Gnome Office instead of Open office, for example.

This version of Linux is distributed with the intention of providing a productivity-oriented system with a simple environment, high speed and low resource consumption from the computer. Once you have downloaded the image from the Xubuntu CD, you need to burn it to a blank CD with a recording program, such as Wild man. The Xubuntu installation CD contains the possibility of testing the operating system directly from the CD, without installations. But if you dare, from the same CD you can make the jump to Linux.

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