ZOC 8.01.1 – 64 bits [SSH y Telnet] – Cracked Free

ZOC 8.01.1 – 64 bits [SSH y Telnet]


Emulator to connect to Linux servers

This technical and professional application is an excellent emulator for terminals and telnet and SSH clients. With a comprehensive list of possible emulations, it allows you to easily connect to hosts using methods such as telnet, serial cable, or modem / isdn.

ZOC is a perfect application to be able to connect to Unix / Linux servers or devices connected to the serial port of our computer. The application has a user interface in which you can see several functions, always focused on doing your work that you can develop in an agile, versatile and safe way.

In a clean and simple interface, the app will show you with an icon the open and running sessions at all times, so that you can manage them in an organized way and control them visually. You can adapt and configure the different tasks, both technical and visually, according to your needs, automating the ones you want, in addition, the application is multiplatform and it is compatible with Windows 7 and the Apple OS X Lion operating system. .

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